Jablaničko Lake

Jablaničko Lake is a large artificially formed lake on the Neretva River, right below Konjic where the Neretva River briefly expands into a wide valley. The lake was created in 1953 after construction of a large gravitational hydroelectric dam near Jablanica in central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The lake is a popular vacation destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Swimming, boating and especially fishing are popular activities on the lake. Many weekend cottages have been built along the shores of the lake. There are 13 types of fish in the lakes’ ecosystem. This area has developed a tourism niche on the lake. With several good restaurants on its shore, the entire length of the lake is lined with pensions, hotels, private rooms and campgrounds. The lake has some of the best fishing spots in the country, proved by the locals standing on the side of the road selling their ‘catches of the day’ – large carp, trout, bass and other fish.

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