Trebižat river

The Trebižat River is a river in the southern part of our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a major confluent of the Neretva River. This beautiful river is situated in the south-western part. It is secton of the Neretva pool and it is also a larges confluent of the Neretva.

The Trebižat river is long 51 km and is the second largest stream in Bosnia. It comes after the Trebišnjica river that is actually the largest river of this kind in the world. As well as a tributary of the Neretva watershed.

Regardless of the fact that Trebižat River disappears and reappears at resurgences various times, the people used to call it different names. All in all, there are around nine names are well-known: Vrlika, Tihaljina, Mlade, Culuša, Ričina, Brina, Suvaja, Matica, Trebižat.

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