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Let Saray Bosnia Travel Agency guides you to enjoy an amazing adventure through Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Slovenia, and Austria. Explore and indulge in a 15-day tour through beautiful cities and their historical richness, tourist jewels, and pure and breathtaking nature.


Belgrade – arrival, panoramic tour, and accommodation

Welcoming at Nikola Tesla airport, panoramic tour, introducing the basic information about the country, city, weather, people, currency, and best places where to eat. Transfer to the hotel, check-in, arrangement of the timing, and schedule for the following day.

Free time and overnight in Belgrade.

Belgrade full-day tour

After breakfast, the morning will be reserved for an exciting guided walking tour through Belgrade’s city center. As part of the tour, we will explore the highlights of Belgrade, and learn about Serbia’s two royal dynasties at the Royal and White Palaces, and the City Assembly, the Old Palace of Serbia’s first king. Discover the Church of St. Sava – Serbia’s largest Orthodox church; walk along Prince Mihailo Street – Belgrade’s main shopping avenue, and stroll around the old Kosancicev Venac to see the Residence of Princess Ljubica and Church of St Michael and other sights.

At the end of the city tour, we will visit the Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan. Belgrade Fortress is known for its kilometers-long tunnels, underground corridors, and catacombs, which are still largely unexplored. In the true sense, the fortress is today the green oasis in Belgrade’s urban area.

Next, we will visit the Belgrade ZOO near the Fortress.

Optionally: In the evening we can finish our adventure by visiting the Yachting Club, where we will have a magical boat cruise on the Sava and Danube rivers or enjoy the end of the day shopping in the best malls (Gallery, Ada mall, Usce mall…).

Free time and overnight in Belgrade.

Sargan Eight Train ride, Ethno Village Drvengrad, Visegrad, Sarajevo (B&H)

After the early breakfast in the hotel, we will depart to Sarajevo.

On our way, the first stop will be at Mokra Gora, where we will enjoy the train ride on the Nostalgia train. Sargan Eight is an old–fashioned narrow-gauge railway, its construction was finished in 1925., unfortunately, the narrow–gauge railways are no longer used since the ’70s in Yugoslavia.  Accordingly, this part of the railways in Mokra Gora and Nostalgia Train, the only one preserved today represents a major tourist attraction. Certainly, you are going to enjoy the beautiful scenery on this ride that you will remember.

Our next destination is the Ethno Village Drvengrad.

Drvengrad means wooden town and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Everything is made of timber from conifer trees. Interestingly, the village is also known by the name Kustendorf, which means “a coastal village”. This traditional village is located in the Zlatibor region in the nature park Mokra Gora. Is built by the mentioned film director Emir Kusturica.

After we cross the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina we will visit Visegrad a small town in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the valley of Drina River, in the hilly slopes gently rising high into the mountains, over 1000 meters in height. This town is full of pretty streets but we will dedicate our visit to The Old Stone Bridge, the endowment of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic built in 1577.

Our adventure continues by visiting Andricgrad (Andric town) also known as Kamengrad (Stonetown). Andricgrad is a project of a famous film director Emir Kusturica. He was inspired by the events and characters of the mentioned famous writer, and Nobel prize winner, Ivo Andric. It is a tourist, cultural, administrative, and educational complex, situated on a peninsula between the rivers Drina and Rzav in Visegrad.

In the evening we will arrive in Sarajevo. Free time and overnight in Sarajevo.

The Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope (famous war tunnel) museum, Sarajevo city tour, Sarajevo cable car, Olympic mountain Trebevic, Sunnyland entertainment park

After breakfast in the hotel, we will start our day with a visit to The Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope (Bosnian: Tunel spasa) museum. The tunnel was an underground tunnel constructed between March and June 1993 during the Siege of Sarajevo.

After the Tunnel, we are going to explore the Old Town and city center of Sarajevo. As part of the City tour, you will see the historical monuments of Sarajevo city. This walking tour will provide you with information about every aspect of living in Sarajevo nowadays and in the past. You will enjoy a delightful mixture of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and modern heritage.

After the Old Town adventure, we are going to enjoy an unforgettable panoramic cable car ride to the Olympic Mountain Trebevic. During the 1984 Winter Olympic Games, Trebevic was the location of the competition in the bobsled sport discipline.

Today Trebevic is a favorite excursion place for the locals and tourists, where you can walk through the forest, take a bike, have exciting paintball fun in the Brus picnic area, or enjoy in the adrenaline park and have a crazy ride on an alpine coaster in Sunnyland entertainment park.

If you are looking just for a chill we suggest you enjoy the natural ambient and fresh air sitting in one of the many mountain cafes surrounded by the amazing forest.

Free time and overnight in Sarajevo.

Mostar city, Blagaj Tekke & Bina river, Dubrovnik city (CRO)

After breakfast, we are going to Herzegovina – a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina full of great natural wonders, beautiful rivers, and cities with mixed cultures.

Our first stop will be in Mostar – the largest city in Herzegovina. Mostar is most famous for the UNESCO-protected Old Bridge (Stari Most) that crosses the river Neretva and connects two parts of the city. You will enjoy magnificent architecture and a stunningly beautiful river and its surroundings. A large number of oriental Caffe bars will make you sit, enjoy and soak in the sounds, views, and impressions made by this marvelous town.

The next stop is in Blagaj Tekke and Buna river springs. Here you will enjoy the peace of Dervish House and the beautiful waters of river Buna. You will experience unique and unforgettable scenes that evoke the beauty and grandeur of this beautiful place.

After Blagaj, we continue to a pearl of the Adriatic coast – Dubrovnik City. Located in the region of Dalmatia it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Old City is, by all means, the most interesting and the most attractive part of Dubrovnik which we will explore and have a walk through the romantic city lanes, where you will not only see the most interesting sights but also feel the specific, somewhat mystic atmosphere rising from the ancient stone walls. The walls of Dubrovnik have also been a popular filming site for the fictional city of King’s Landing in the HBO television series, Game of Thrones.

In the late afternoon will enjoy a ride on the Dubrovnik cable car which will take us to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. We will have a drink or a meal in the restaurant at the top overlooking the Old Town.

Free time, and overnight in Dubrovnik.

Transfer to Split, short visit of Ston Saltworks & town walls, Split city tour

After breakfast in the hotel, we depart for Split City. On our way, we will make a short stop in Ston, where we will visit the oldest salt pans in Europe and the largest preserved ones in the history of the Mediterranean. In Ston, we will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the “Great Wall” of Europe – the Ston medieval town walls.

After spending a nice time in Ston, we will enjoy a comfortable ride to Split City.

Split is the largest city in Dalmatia, the second-largest city in Croatia, and the second-largest Croatian cargo harbor, but also one of the largest passenger harbors on the Mediterranean

After the check-in, the late afternoon will be reserved for a walking tour which will allow us to explore the Split Old Town. Walking around the walls and through narrow Diocletian’s Palace streets, you will hear the story of the history of this amazing site, considered to be one of the most alluring world heritage sites to live in. Diocletian’s Palace is a unique place, being always inhabited, since the Roman age; today the world heritage site is protected by UNESCO. There are still people living inside the palace which makes it unique in the World. In Split are numerous beaches with extraordinarily clean sea, from the well-known Bacvice to the stone secluded oases’ all around Marjan.

Free time, and overnight in Split.

National park Krka, Rijeka City

After breakfast, we are going to visit the beautiful Today we depart for Rijeka.

On our way, we will visit the second most visited national park in Croatia – Krka. Krka National Park is one of the best national parks in Croatia known for its large number of lakes and waterfalls. During the NP adventure, we will discover the most attractive waterfalls and visit the Skradinski Buk which is the most famous spot in the national park.

After a beautiful time at Krka, we will proceed to our next destination Croatia’s second-largest city, Rijeka. During the walking tour, you will learn about its rich past and its colorful present. You will see many of the city’s best-known landmarks, from its St. Vitus Cathedral to the City Tower, which was one of the few sights to withstand the city’s 18th-century earthquake.

Free time and overnight in Rijeka.

Rijeka, Pula, Piran (SLO)

After breakfast in the hotel, we depart for the Slovenian coast side.

On our way, we will stop at the main city of Istria Pula, and visit the main features of its city center and the most complete Roman Colosseum in the World – The Pula Arena.

We continue our adventure by visiting the wonderful Piran, we will enjoy a boat cruise on the Adriatic Sea, which will allow us to admire the amazing Slovenian coast and Piran city from one different perspective. During the cruise, we will have a chance to discover the most hidden and attractive parts of the Slovenian coast.

After the cruise, you will be able to stroll through the streets of this charming town and feel the real atmosphere and all the beauty of the sea life.

Free time and overnight in Portoroz.

Skocjan cave, Venice (ITA)

After breakfast, we depart for Italy – Venice.

On our way, we will make a stop to visit one of the most beautiful cave complexes in this part of Europe – the UNESCO-listed Skocjan Cave complex.

After the cave adventure, we will proceed to our last destination for today, spectacular Venice. After the check-in and short rest, the afternoon will be reserved for an exciting guided walking tour through the unique city that everyone dreams of visiting, to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even those who have already experienced the magic of this city cannot help but be moved once again by the beauty of its places, such as St. Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, a ride on a gondola, and a walk along its silent calli.

Free time and overnight in the Venice area (Mestre).

Ljubljana city tour, Bled (SLO)

After breakfast in the hotel, we depart to wonderful Slovenia.

After we reach the Slovenian Capital Ljubljana we will have a walking guided tour around the historical city center, and explore all of its major attractions. During this tour, we will visit Ljubljana Castle and treat ourselves to beautiful views of the city from the castle’s ramparts. Also, we will visit the Town Hall, the river Ljubljanica, with its interesting bridges and picturesque old city center embankments (one of Ljubljana’s most notable landmarks) and at the end one of Ljubljana’s restaurants, where you will have an opportunity to taste traditional Slovenian dishes as part of a brief tasting session.

After the city tour, we will depart for the Slovenian nature jewel, a fabulous Alpine lake with the only island in Slovenia – The Bled Lake. The Lake has been a world-renowned paradise for centuries, impressing visitors with its natural beauty, wealth of legend, and special powers to restore well-being. Look out at the lake from a castle on a cliff and visit the island on a traditional “pletna” boat. We will be able to enjoy the cable car ride and the fascinating alpine coaster ride on the Straza ski slope.

Free time, and overnight at Bled.

The Vintgar Gorge, Bohinj Lake, Mount Vogel (Triglav peak viewpoint)

After breakfast in the hotel, we start our adventure by visiting the most unspoiled nature site of the Bled area – the Vintgar Gorge.

Vintgar Gorge, carved by the Radovna River, is located near Gorje, approximately 4 kilometers northwest of Bled. The 1.6-kilometer- the gorge is carved amidst the glorious vertical walls of Hom and Borst hills, and it is highlighted by the Radovna River and its waterfalls, pools, and rapids. A study trail runs across the gorge and the wooden bridges as well as Zumer galleries, which ends with the mighty 13 meters high Sum river waterfall, one of the three river waterfalls in Slovenia. Vintgar Gorge is the nearest point to entering Triglav National Park from Bled.

Our next destination is the largest natural lake in Slovenia – Lake Bohinj.

Lake Bohinj is located in a glacial valley and it comprises almost 100 million cubic meters of water. The steeply descending lake basin is relatively smoothly shaped and has no shallow areas. In summer, the temperature of the water rises to 22 °C; in winter, the lake freezes sometimes. The water level rises 2 – 3 meters after heavy rainfall.

Lake Bohinj is perfect for water activities all year round – from swimming, boat riding, windsurfing, kayaking or canoeing, fishing, and diving in warmer months, to (sometimes) even ice skating in winter. Aside from the water activities, this area offers us amazing Panoramic ascent by cable car and spectacular views.

We will enjoy the unforgettable cable car ride up to Mount Vogel at 1,535 m and admire spectacular views of the Triglav mountain peaks.

Free time, and overnight at Bled.

Millstatt am see lake – boat cruise, Salzburg (AT)

After breakfast in the hotel, we depart for Austria.

Our first stop will be at Millstatt am see Lake, where we will enjoy a boat cruise on one of the largest and deepest lakes in Austria (depth of 142 m), during the cruise we will admire the picturesque landscape around the lake.

Our day ends in the beautiful Salzburg City which lies on the country’s northern border with Bavaria, Germany.

It’s a small city with a big heritage, famous for Mozart and the Sound of Music. Its rich German and Austrian-Hungarian cultural influences permeate the town, from the classically Baroque architecture to the winding streets, the dominating fortress, and the quick-flowing Salzach River.

We will visit the UNESCO-listed Historic Centre of the City, also known as the Altstadt, and discover the main sights of this Austrian jewel, such as the famous Hohensalzburg Castle, known as Festung Hohensalzburg, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, and Mozart’s birthplace.

Walking through the Old Town, which is on the left bank of the river, introduces visitors to the fascinating architecture of Salzburg.

Check-in, free time, and overnight in Salzburg.

Hallstatt tour, transfer to Vienna

After breakfast in the hotel, we are going to discover one of the most picturesque towns in Europe – the magical Hallstatt.

With wooden houses, a beautiful lake in front of it guarded by majestic mountains, and some of the most incredible views, Hallstatt is the must-see point in Austria. This tour is a great way to discover more about the culture of Austria and to admire this well-preserved town, with incredible architecture, many traditional restaurants, and friendly locals.

Aside from the natural beauty, this area offers a lot of activities such as the funicular to the salt mine and World Heritage Skywalk, boat ride on the lake, Ice cave Exploring adventure, salt mine tour, hiking…

As part of the tour, we will explore the Old Town and buy cute souvenirs specific to this area.

In the afternoon we depart to the Austrian imperial historic capital Vienna.

Check-in, free time, and overnight in Vienna.

Vienna city tour 

After breakfast, we will explore the Austrian capital.

Wedged between Eastern and Western Europe, the cosmopolitan capital of Austria is a paradise for lovers of art and history.

We will enjoy a guided walking tour, and visit the main Viennese attractions, the most influential historical sites, and delves into stories of past wars, triumphs, and tragedies.

Next, we will visit the magnificent UNESCO-listed Schönbrunn Castle and the oldest ZOO in Europe.

Our next stop will be at Kahlenberg Mountain from where we will enjoy the best view of Vienna.

The end of the day will be reserved for shopping in the city center.

Free time and overnight in Vienna.


Breakfast in the hotel.  Free time for shopping or walking through the Town.

Departure to the airport.

Here your 15-day Exciting Europe & Balkan Tour concludes and unfortunately, it is time to say goodbyes… We hope you have enjoyed your tour with our agency!


  • Private transportation by modern air-conditioned vehicle, with all fees included (fuel, tolls, parking…) – including airport transfers.
  • Services of an experienced, English-speaking driver/escort (during daily tours – max 9 hours per day)
  • Professional Guide Service on selected locations – heritage sights
  • Hotel accommodation: 14 nights (bed & breakfast basis), including any obligatory service charges and taxes as levied by the hotel.
  • Welcoming refreshment


  • Visa fees.
  • Travel insurance.
  • International airfares and airport taxes.
  • Excursions, activities, and sightseeing trips that are not shown as included.
  • Attraction and museums entrance fees.
  • Charges for extra meals not mentioned above.
  • Charges made by the hotels for the use of a higher category of room, certain facilities, extra meals, drinks, laundry, and personal items including any tax or service charge levied for them.
  • Tips that are on a voluntary basis.


3* On request
4* On request
5* On request
  • All prices are expressed per PAX (based on 2 people traveling together and sharing a double/twin room).
  • For a group of 3 up to 4 adult travelers, we grant up to a 10% discount
  • For a group of 5 up to 8 travelers we grant up to 15% discount
  • For a group of 9 up to 19 travelers, we grant up to 25% discount
  • For a group of 20+ travelers, we will calculate special group rates

CHD sharing the room with parents:

3* and 4* HOTELS: 0-7 years FOC; 7+ years 25,00€ in EXB per night

5* HOTELS: 0-5 years FOC; 5-11 years 30,00€ in EXB per night; 11+ years 35,00€ in EXB per night

Maximum number of EXB per room: 1 (single or sofa bed)

CHD in an extra room: full ADL amount; INF – FOC (sharing a bed with parents or in an INF bed)


Half board additional payment per day: 20€ per person in 4*, 25€ in 5* Hotels.

Full board additional payment per day: 35€ per person in 4*, 45€ in 5* Hotels.


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