The subject of this agreement is the arrangement of the relationship between the Travel Organizer – Travel Agency SB Group d.o.o (Ltd.), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Terezije Street, ID No: 4203292460000 (hereinafter AGENCY) and PASSENGER or Travel Contractor in a situation where the Contractor contracts a trip to a third person passenger (hereinafter referred to as PASSENGER). The Agreement contains General Terms and Instructions for Tourist Arrangements.

The Contract and the General Terms and Conditions are obligatory for the AGENCY by its existence until the PASSENGERS are obliged to pay the deposit for the arrangement. It is considered that the PASSENGER has agreed to the Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions by paying deposit or the whole amount of the arrangement.


PASSANGER can register travel tour via e-mail, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, the official website of the AGENCY and the official Facebook page of the AGENCY.  PASSANGER can apply for tour by telephone or mobile phone, after which he must confirm the application in writing (e-mail). When signing up, the PASSENGER is obliged to give the AGENCY all the personal information necessary for the reservation. The AGENCY will ask the PASSENGER for the data to be provided in writing and the traveler is required to take care of the accuracy of the data sent for the journey.


After notification, the PASSENGER shall pay the deposit of 50% of the total price of the tour package as a confirmation of its reservation. The remaining amount PASSANGER is required to pay no later than 30 days before the start of the trip, unless otherwise is specificated in the travel contract or in the program. If the PASSENGER does not pay the remaining amount until the 30 day before the start of the trip, it is considered that he has waived the travel tour without the possibility of returning the paid amount. If you are booking tour for less than 30 days before the start of the trip, you will have to pay the entire amount of the travel tour.

All travel services of the AGENCY can be paid by non-cash payment – giro transfer payment by online  (internet) banking or  universal payment order (general payment) at the AGENCY account at Raiffeisen Bank DD, Bosnia and Herzegovina, SWIFT: RZBABA2S, IBAN: BA391611000003125204 or in cash at the office of the AGENCY.

Payment currencies: for non-cash payments – Euro or BAM, for cash payments – BAM (Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark).

After the payment the PASSANGER will recive a Travel Voucher (as confirmation of the reservation).


The prices of the arrangements are published in the travel programs and are valid from the day of the publication of the programs. AGENCY does not charge a fee for booking a package of arrangements in its own organization.

In certain programs, AGENCIES may stipulate that the PASSENGER, if he/ she wishes to use certain services not included in the package arrangement (tickets, restaurants, boat trips …), pays the service on the spot in the currency of the country in which he/she is located. The prices quoted in the programs are informative and do not depend on the AGENCY and AGENCY is not responsible for any possible price differences. Complaint on paid services PASSANGER submits to the Service Provider only.

If after the conclusion of the agreement happens a large change in the prices of the services that make up the package arrangement (change of course, fuel price, air ticket, port fees, accommodation price…), the AGENCY reserves the right to raise the price of the package up to 30 days before the start of the trip. PASSENGER is obligated to agree to increase of the price by up to 10%. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the AGENCY is obliged to increase the agreed price of the arrangement by more than 10%, the AGENCY is obliged to notify the PASSENGER for the new situation in writing immediately. PASSENGER has the right to cancel the travel and return of his / her paid money but is not entitled to compensation for any damage. PASSENGER shall notify in writing the travel cancellation agency for a price increase of more than 10% within 3 working days of receipt of the notice. If the PASSENGER does not agree to price change or if the PASSENGER does not notify the agency in writing it is considered as not agreeing to change of the price and the AGENCY is obliged to return all paid money within seven (7) working days without any right to compensation for any damage.


Hostels, hotels, apartments and other facilities are described according to the official category in the country where the facilities are located at the time of publication of the tour program. Categorization of accommodation facilities is different in some countries and is not always comparable with the quality of facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The layout of the room determines the accommodation facility. AGENCY cannot guarantee a certain accommodation schedule except in cases where the PASSENGER has explicitly contracted certain services (supplement for single room, supplement for room with view, additional room for bathroom …) Except in the situation when the PASSENGER specially reserved and paid a room / apartment of certain characteristics, the PASSENGER is obliged to accept any officially registered room / apartment in the object or destination described in the travel program.

AGENCY is obliged to ensure the accommodation of the categorization specified in the program or the accommodation of better category. If the AGENCY provides better accommodation than the one stated in the program, the PASSENGER is not entitled to the complaint and the AGENCY will not require any increase in the price of the arrangement. If in exceptional circumstances the AGENCY is not able to provide the category of accommodation specified in the program, the AGENCY will offer the traveler a new arrangement with a discount proportional to the difference in the accommodation price or the refund. If the PASSENGER refuses a new arrangement, the AGENCY is obliged to return all the paid money within 7 working days. If the PASSENGER agrees in writing within 3 working days to a substitute arrangement, the substitute arrangement becomes the subject of a new contract and the PASSENGER is not entitled to any claims against the AGENCY that would arise from the originally paid arrangement.

The time of entry and exit from the accommodation facility is stipulated by the accommodation facility. Most of the hostels / hotels / apartments receive guests from 14:00- 16:00 hours on the 1st day of the accommodation, and in the most of the hostels / hotels / apartments PASANGER must leave the accommodation at 10:00 o’clock or no later than 12 hours on the last day of accommodation. AGENCY will always try to provide for the the PASSANGER as soon as earlier registration and later departure at no additional charge, if there are any possibilities in the accommodation facility. 


PASSENGER is obliged to have valid travel documents. In each individual travel program, the AGENCY shall indicate the documents required for the trip to the destination at the time of the issue of the program. If during the journey the PASSENGER loses its travel documents or is stolen, the PASSENGER shall bear the costs of securing new documents. AGENCY may assist the PASSENGER if this does not affect his obligations with respect to the execution of the AGENCY program.


The PASSENGER is obliged to respect the health regulations of the countries he/she travels and the boundaries of which it passes. PASSENGER is obliged to carry all medicines in the original package. AGENCY recommends a health insurance policy during your staying abroad.

PASSANGER is obliged to respect all customs and border regulations of the countries he/she travels. The PASSENGER is the sole responsible if he/she has illegal substances or the alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and other products that exceed the permitted quantity in accordance with the custom regulations of the country whose border crosses.

PASSANGER is obliged to respect the regulations of the country in which he/she travel and is responsible if due to non-compliance reasons cannot continue the journey. In such a case, the PASSANGER will bear all the costs and bear the consequences of non-compliance. PASSENGER is liable if he/she personally violate the regulations if his luggage and his belongings do not comply with the regulations or if his documents do not comply with the regulations.

AGENCY will always, in the best case for PASSANGER, inform the PASSANGER of the source of information related to the regulations of a particular country. Invalid travel documents, visa non-compliance, resulting in inability to travel does not bind the AGENCY in any way and we will put into effect the terms and conditions of travel cancellation by the PASSENGER.

PASSANGER is obliged to respect all the rules of conduct in the hostels / hotels / apartments that the/she is staying and in the vehicles he/she travel with. AGENCY shall not be liable for damage caused by the PASSANGER in the accommodation or vehicle and the PASSENGER is obliged to pay the penalty to the owner of the hotel/hostel/apartment or the vehicle. Upon check in the room PASSANGER is obliged to report to the receptionist any damage incurred in his/her room before arrival so that he/she cannot be charged for the damage/ she has not committed.


AGENCY is obliged to inform PASSENGERS about the possibility of providing health insurance policies during their stay abroad as well as travel insurance packages (luggage insurance, accident insurance, travel cancellation insurance etc.) for traveling abroad and in B&H. The travel insurance package does not cover compulsory health insurance, which the traveler specifically pays, with the requirement to issue an entry visa.

By signing the contract, PASSANGER confirms that a travel insurance package has been offered.


When the PASSENGER cancel the arrangement, the AGENCY reserves a certain amount of the total price of the arrangement:

Land travel:

      • 120-91 days before departure 5% of the price of the arrangement
      • 90-76 days before departure 15% of the price of the arrangement
      • 75-56 days before departure 25% the price of the arrangement
      • 55-41 days before departure 50% of the price of the arrangement
      • 40-31 days before departure 75% of the price of the arrangement
      • 30-0 days before departure 100% of the price of the arrangement
      • After departure and “No show” 100% of the price of the package.

In case of cancellation of the travel package by the PASSENGER, the AGENCY may, even if it does not undertake any legal regulations in accordance with the internal policy of fairness towards the PASSENGER, keep a smaller amount of the above mentioned if there is a possibility of free of charge cancellation of accommodation or if the AGENCY finds a replacement passenger, but no greater than the amount regulated by the Contract and the General Conditions. Retention of the amount less than the amount listed in this Agreement and the General Conditions is the internal decision of the AGENCY.

Air travel:

      • Up to 30 days before departure: 25% the price of the arrangement
      • 29-15 days before departure 75% the price of the arrangement
      • 15-0 days before departure 100% of the price of the arrangement.

In cases where it is not possible to cancel or alter the airline ticket due to the airline’s condition, the AGENCY is obliged to include conditions in the travel program!

If the PASSENGER has not paid the full amount of package arrangement 30 days prior to the departure of the trip, it is considered that he has waived the booking without the possibility of returning the advance for the trip.


Land travel:

In the case of land travel the AGENCY allows the PASSENGER, free of charge, to change/switch PASSENGERS no later than 24 hrs before the start of the travel, if he/she can get required visa. The name of new PASSANGER must be provided to the AGENCY in writing, and the new PASSENGER shall give consent to the change and becomes a signatory of the Contract.

 Air travel:

If the change of the PASSENGER is possible, the AGENCY charges the cost of changing according to the valid price list published on the airline website stated in the travel program. If the change of passengers, due to airline conditions, is not possible, AGENCY is obliged to include this information in the travel program.


When the AGENCY before the trip significantly changes the price, program or accommodation of the program, the AGENCY is obliged to immediately notify the PASSENGER in writing about the changes that have occurred. PASSANGER can agree to changes within 3 working days in writing. In the case of consent, the substitute arrangement becomes the subject of a new contract and the PASSENGER is not entitled to any claims against the AGENCY arising from the originally paid arrangement. In case that the PASSENGER refuses the new arrangement the AGENCY is obliged to return to PASSANGER all the paid money within seven (7) working days.

If during the tour the AGENCY cannot, by its fault, be able to perform the service mentioned in the program, it will offer the PASSENGER replacement service. If the PASSENGER agrees in writing to the substitute service, he/she is not eligible for the claim related to the service specified in the program. If the PASSENGER DOES NOT agrees to a replacement service, the PASSENGER is entitled to compensation in the value of the difference between the contracted and the actually rendered services. The maximum amount of damage is equal to the amount of the price of the arrangement.

AGENCY has right to change the day and the hour of the tour schedule due to a change in the flight schedule for which it did not have any impact or due to the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances. AGENCY has the right to change the direction of travel due to unforeseen circumstances and force majeure (war, terrorist attacks, state strikes, air strike strikes, natural disasters and natural disasters) without the right to compensation. In such situations, the AGENCY will try to provide the best possible service with regard to the unforeseen situation.

AGENCY cannot take responsibility for the actions of the higher forces for which it has no influence (war, terrorist attacks, state strikes, natural disasters and etc.) and AGENCY may charge for compensation for damage caused by such events.


PASSENGER has the right to complain about unfulfilled service. PASSENGER is obliged to file a complaint in writing no later than 8 days after the end of the trip. Objections submitted more than 8 days after the end of the trip will not be considered valid. The complaint can be  sent on address of the the AGENCY: Terezije bb, 71000 Sarajevo, B & H or by e-mail at:

PASSENGER shall, for each complaint that is not directly related to employees and omissions of the AGENCY, inform the service provider by which the PASSENGER is unsatisfactory (hotel, restaurant etc.).

AGENCY is obliged to reply to the PASSENGER within 15 days from the receipt of the complaint in the same written form as the objection has been received.

If the omission was caused by the AGENCY, the PASSENGER is entitled to compensation in the amount of actual value of unused services. The amount of compensation can not cover used services for which the passenger did not have a complaint or the total amount of the travel arrangement. While the AGENCY considers the PASSENGER complaint, the PASSENGER disclaims the mediation of any other person, the court, and the provision of information to the media.


We recommend you paying your luggage insurance policy!

If the PASSANGER is traveling by car / van / bus, he/she can carry one large travel bag and one small (hand luggage). If there is enough space, the PASSENGER can board more luggages if it does not in any way violate the customs regulations of the countries through which it passes.

When traveling by plane, the amount and the allowable weight of free luggage is determined by the airline company under its terms and the rest of the baggage is charged.

AGENCY is not responsible for the lost of luggage of PASSENGERS. Baggage claims are filed directly to the accommodation facility or carrier. Based on air traffic regulations, only airline companies are responsible for air baggage. In case of loss, the PASSENGER fills out the form of the airline company and hand it over at the airport, and one copy is retained for itself. On the basis of the form, the airlines pay compensation according to the regulations applicable to air travel.


AGENCY undertakes to collect all Personal Data of the PASSENGER with the permission of the PASSENGER itself and will keep it confidential and will only be available to employees of the AGENCY due to the necessity of the data for the realization of the trip.

There is a possibility of transferring data to third parties (staff members of the facility, border police, airline staff, embassy staff or consulates in the case of issuing visas), and these are considered to be necessary for the travel.

There is also the possibility to keep records of passengers both in the home country and abroad, all for the realization of the journey itself.

The only way to issue private data PASSWORD is in the case of a court order or the prevention of some criminal activity by the competent state body.

AGENCY reserves the right to use PASSENGER (e-mail) data for the purpose of your own promotion (sending new programs and similar) until the written mail (e-mail) PASSENGER declares that you do not wish to receive promotional offers on e-mail.


This document was issued and put into obligation on 01.01.2018. The general terms and conditions for travel are an integral part of the Travel Contract. Possible deviations must be explicitly stated in the travel program text. Parties undertake to resolve any disputes by agreement. If the agreement is not possible, a Court of justice in Sarajevo, B&H, shall be competent for dispute.

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