Buško Lake

The Buško Lake, at an altitude of 700 meters has an area of 55.8 km². One-third of the lake is located in the municipality of Livno and two-thirds of the municipality of Tomislavgrad.

Judging by the area of the lake, it is one of the largest lakes in Europe.  It was created by sinking of the Buško mud in the 1970-ies.

The lake is located on the border between Bosnia, Dalmatia and Herzegovina, so its natural position and climatic conditions are the reasons why it attracts so many tourists. An interesting history of this region has left numerous archaeological sites, numerous ruins of the Illyrian and Roman times, many artifacts and cemeteries with many tombstones.

In addition to historic attractions, this region provides the possibility of doing almost all sports.

During summer months, the lake water is very warm and pleasant for swimming. The lake is also perfect for almost all sports requiring the wind.

The hills and mountains surrounding the lake allow the visitors to climb them and have a vacation in mountain cottages.

Apart from this, the lake is very attractive to anglers.  It abounds in fish and it is the home to endemic species Dalmatian Barbelgudgeon, minnow-nase and European chub, whereas hunting for catfish has become particularly popular in recent years.  The caught and photographed specimens which weigh over 40 kilograms attract trophy specimen hunters and stir up the anglers’ imagination.

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