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Let Saray Bosnia Travel Agency guides you to an amazing adventure through the Balkan Peninsula. Explore and enjoy in seventeen days tour through the beautiful Balkan countries and their historical richness, medieval towns, tourist jewels and pure and breathtaking nature.


Welcome to Belgrade

Welcome to Belgrade! If you arrive early enough, head into the city to see by yourself all the treasures that this ancient city has to offer.

You will meet up your tour leader at hotel in the afternoon, and then enjoy an orientation tour of Serbian’s capital. In the evening, you will meet the rest of the tour group at our included welcome dinner.

Free time and overnight in Belgrade.

Belgrade, Szeged, Budapest

After the breakfast, morning will be reserved for an exciting guided walking tour through Belgrade’s city center. As part of the tour we will explore the highlights of Belgrade. Learn about Serbia’s two royal dynasties at the Royal and White Palaces, and the City Assembly, the Old Palace of Serbia’s first king. Discover the Church of St. Sava – Serbia’s largest Orthodox church; walk along Prince Mihailo Street – Belgrade’s main shopping avenue; and stroll around the old Kosancicev venac to see the Residence of Princess Ljubica and Church of St Michael and other sights.

We will have a lunch at the traditional restaurant.

After the lunch we start our trip to Budapest.

On our way to Budapest, we will have a break in the third largest city of Hungary, the picturesque town Szeged.

Honoured with the Europe Nostra Award for its renovated downtown area, the town lies on the banks of the river Tisza and boasting the highest number of sunny days throughout the year, is also referred to as the “city of sunshine”.

Szeged offers a multitude of sights, tasty traditional dishes for all those pepper lovers out there. Architectural heritage, great gastronomy, street side cafés, widely famous confectionaries and leisurely strolls with a breath of Mediterranean atmosphere ensure your visit is sure to be a memorable one.

After the charming Szeged we will continue our trip to Hungarian Capital Budapest.

After the check-in and short rest, the evening will be reserved for the intro walking tour to discover Budapest’s historical downtown and urban legends.

Free time and overnight in Budapest.

Budapest Grand City tour; boat cruise on the Danube River

After the breakfast, we will make the Grand City tour. The tour start from the Chain Bridge, we take the Margaret Bridge and drive over to Buda. We stop in the Castle District and during a short walk we will show you the main attractions of the area. We will walk to the Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion (from where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama). Next, we will drive to the Gellért Hill (Citadel) and show you the most spectacular view of Budapest.

We will then take you across the Elisabeth Bridge to Pest and show you the famous Central Market Hall, followed by the largest Synagogue of Europe and the City Park. We will pass by Europe’s largest thermal spa and the Budapest Zoo, after which we will stop at the Heroes’ Square (with statues of the most famous Hungarian kings and dukes). Next we are going to the Andrássy Avenue to downtown Pest passing by the Opera House and St Stephen’s Basilica. We will then get off the bus again and take an interior visit of the impressive neo-gothic House of Parliament (guided tour incl.). During the tour we offer a brief overview of the last 1000 years of Hungarian history.

The afternoon will be great time for the unforgettable boat cruise on the Danube river.

A river cruise in Budapest will let you see the most fascinating sights of the historical city of Budapest, which is often called the Pearl of the Danube or the Paris of East. Take a romantic cruise on the river Danube, and marvel at the genuine beauty, and century old grace of Budapest, Hungary. The river cruise is one of the highlights of many Budapest holidays without a doubt.

Free time and overnight in Budapest.

Budapest, Siófok, Zagreb

After the breakfast, we are going to Zagreb.

On our way to Zagreb we will make an excursion at the Hungarian “sea” – Lake Balaton.

You will enjoy a guided visit of Siófok City situated on the banks of the the largest lake on this part of Europe.

After the tour, we will have a lunch in local restaurant.

After the lunch we continue our trip to Zagreb, which is two and a half hours (247 km) away from Siófok.

After the check-in and short rest, at the afternoon we will have a walking tour through Croatian Capital.

During the walking tour we will discover the main attractions of Zagreb such us: Ban Jelačić Square, Ilica Street, Zagreb Cathedral, Dolac open-air market, Tkalčićeva Street, Kamenita Vrata, St. Mark’s Church, Lotršcak Tower, and more…

Free time and overnight in Zagreb.

Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes National park, Bihac

After the breakfast, we are going to visit the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park. Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. In 1979, Plitvice Lakes National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register.

After the beautiful day in Plitvice Lakes National park, we will proceed to Bihac.

Bihac is a charming little Bosnian town centered on the banks of the Una River. The city is an explosion of colors and serene natural beauty.

Free time and overnight in Bihac.

Una National park, Pliva Lakes, Jajce Old Town and Pliva waterfall, Travnik, Sarajevo

After the breakfast, we are starting our adventure at Una National park visiting Strbacki buk waterfalls and complex of the Una River waterfalls at Martin Brod. Once you see this beauty, you will forever remember and keep precious unforgettable memories.

On our way to Jajce, we will make an excursion to the Pliva lakes. You will enjoy in the beautiful natural surroundings, on the shore of the Great Pliva Lake, also you can enjoy in a boat ride. After Pliva Lakes we continue our trip to Jajce, home od Bosnian Kings. Jajce is famous for the impressive real natural monument-22 meter hight Pliva Waterfall. It is one of the twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

The journey continues in small, historical city Travnik. It was residence of early Ottoman rulers whose influence on the city’s culture and heritage is still evident today. You will visit Colored (Sulejmania) mosque, Elci Ibrahim Pasha’s Madrassah, Ivo Andric Home-the Bosnian Nobel winner writer, Medieval Travnik Fortress where you can enjoy in breathtaking view of the vizier town Travnik. After sightseeing we will visit the most beautiful resort in Travnik – Plava Voda. It is the central place in Travnik and it is well-known for restaurant Lutvina kahva (Lutvo’s coffee) where you can taste traditional food and coffee.

Free time and overnight in Sarajevo.

Grand City tour, The Sarajevo Tunnel of life (famous war tunnel) museum, nature park „Vrelo Bosne“

After the breakfast in the hotel, we will start our day with the exciting guided walking tour through the Old Town and Center of Sarajevo. As part of the Grand City tour you will see the historical monuments of Sarajevo city. This walking tour will provide you information about every aspect of living in Sarajevo nowadays and in the past. You will enjoy in a delightful mixture of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and modern heritage.

After the walking tour we will cross the War sniper alley to reach the other side of the city and visit The Sarajevo Tunnel of life (Bosnian: Tunel spasa) museum. The tunnel was an underground tunnel constructed between March and June 1993 during the Siege of Sarajevo.

After the museum, we are going to visit nature park „Vrelo Bosne“. This is one of the country’s popular natural landmarks, featuring spring of the River Bosna, and provides a quiet escape and relaxation from city crowd. The park is really magical and it is ideal for walking and enjoying in the nature.

Free time and overnight in Sarajevo.

Konjic, Mostar, Blagaj (Buna river springs), Croatian coast-Dubrovnik

Our first stop will be in Konjic- small old town city in Herzegovina attractive for its beautiful nature in surroundings.

After Konjic we continue our trip to Mostar the largest city in Herzegovina. Mostar is the most famous by the UNESCO protected Old Bridge (Stari Most) that crosses the river Neretva and connects two parts of the city. You will enjoy in magnificent architecture and stunningly beautiful river and its surroundings. Large number of oriental caffe bars will make you sit, enjoy and soak the sounds, views and impressions made by this marvelous town.

After Mostar we will visit Blagaj old town and Buna River springs. Here you will enjoy in the peace of Dervish House (Blagaj Tekke) and the beautiful waters of Buna. You will have lunch and experience the unique and unforgettable scenes that evoke the beauty and grandeur of this beautiful place.

Our last destination for today will be Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik (a pearl of Adriatic) is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, in the region of Dalmatia. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Old City is by all means the most interesting and the most attractive part of Dubrovnik.

After the check-in and short rest, we will have a walking tour through the romantic city lanes, where you will not only see the most interesting sights, but also feel the specific, somewhat mystic atmosphere rising from the ancient stone walls. The best way to learn and to feel the city is to merge with the crowd and to take an unforgettable journey through the maze of Dubrovnik city streets and centuries. The walls of Dubrovnik have also been a popular filming site for the fictional city of King’s Landing in the HBO television series, Game of Thrones.

The amazing and breathtaking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the numerous islands are, without doubt, best experienced from the top of the Srd Hill. The Dubrovnik Cable Car will take us to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views on the Adriatic Sea. We will have a drink in the restaurant at the top overlooking the Old City.

Free time and overnight in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik, Kotor, Budva, Shkodër

After the breakfast, we leave Coatia behind and travel through Montenegro. Our first stop will be

at the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of Kotor. The old port of Kotor is surrounded by

fortifications built during the Venetian period, and is a picturesque Mediterranean landscape.

We then make a short photo stop at the picturesque coastal town of Budva, known for its well preserved medieval walled city.

After Budva we proceed to Shkodër (Via Bar and Ulcinj).

We will make an excursion to the Shkodër lake. Where we will have breathtaking experience during the boat ride at the largest lake in the Balkans. You will enjoy in the beautiful natural surroundings, the view of the numerous little islands with medieval monasteries and rare bird species, this area is unique bond of history and nature.

After the check-in and short rest in Shkodër, we will have a walking tour and explore one of the oldest cities in Europe and Albania’s fifth-largest city Shkodër.

You will discover the most important sites in and around a city that has been inhabited by everyone from the Illyrians to the Slavs and the Ottomans.

Shkodër highlights are:

· Rozafa Castle – Set on a rocky hill approximately 130 meters above sea level, this imposing fortress has beautiful views of Shkodër and its surrounding areas. It was built by the Illyrians and is more than 1,000 years old.

· Mesi Bridge – Built in the 18th century by Kara Mahmud Bushati, the local Ottoman pasha, this bridge is often referred to as the ‘Lord of the Rings Bridge.’ It is one of the longest Ottoman bridges in the area and spans the Kir River.

· Communist Jail – During Albania’s Communist era (1946-1992), numerous prisons and internment camps were created throughout the country to confine individuals considered to be a threat to the regime.

· Marubi Permanent Photo Exhibition – The first ever photograph to be taken of Albania is on display at this interesting exhibition depicting various Albanian places of important events and portraits.

· Shkodër Downtown – During the walking tour you will see the main sights of Shkodër including the Democracy Square, the many fountains and monuments in the city, etc. The Ebu Beker Mosque, the Orthodox Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral of Shkodra are as well good places to visit in Shkodër, as being one of the cities with the best combination of religions in Albania.

Free time and overnight in Shkodër

Shkodër, Tirana, Ohrid

After the breakfast we leave Shkodër and we are going to the Capital of Albania – Tirana.

After we reach Tirana, we will have the walking tour through Tirana.

During the tour you will learn about intresting history, art and everyday life in Tirana and meet the main attractions such us: Clock Tower, Et’hem Bey Mosque, Saint Paul Catholic Cathedral, National Historic Museum, Piramida, The Block, Bush Street, National Art Gallery, Mother Teresa Square, Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral.

After Tirana tour, we continue our trip to to the parl of Macedonia Ohrid.

We will visit the lakeside resort of Ohrid, classified as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. During the tour we will have an inspiring walk by the lake, through the little narrow cobbled streets of Ohrid hill, among the beautiful Byzantine churches, up to Samoil’s fortress and on the most picturesque cliff of St. Jovan Kaneo, where you can grab the chance for a magnificent photo shoots. The sightseeing continues with the visit of Gorna Porta and the Antic Theatre. After that we will visit the Old Bazaar area where we will have a lunch at the traditional restaurant.

Free time and overnight in Ohrid.

Ohrid, Kalampaka, Meteora

After the breakfast we are going to magnificent Greece. During the tour we will have an inspiring walk by the lake, through the little narrow cobbled streets of Ohrid hill, among the beautiful Byzantine churches, up to Samoil’s fortress.

Our destination will be Kalampaka, a small town situated at the foot of the astonishing complex of the Meteora, those gigantic rocks that rise steep from the plain of Thessaly.

After the check-in and short rest, we will have a lunch at the traditional restaurant.

After the lunch we will discover the astonishing Meteora natural phenomenon of rocks resembling stone columns reaching 400 meters seem to be suspended in mid-air, stand ageless Monasteries, where you can see exquisite specimens of Byzantine art.

Free time and overnight in Kalampaka.

Kalampaka, Delphi, Athens

Today we will head south through the Greek mainland to the one of the most popular ancient sites and destinations in Greece, Delphi.

The antiquity Delphi was considered the “omphalos” (navel/center) of the earth, and the place where people from around the world would visit in order to receive an “oracle” from “Pythia”. We will admire the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Treasury of the Athenians and we will also visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi.

At the afternoon we will arrive in Athens.

After check-in and a short rest, we will visit Lycabettus Hill and enjoy a beautiful view of the Greek capital from the highest point of this historical city.

Free time and overnight in Athens.

Athens and Cape Sounion Full Day Tour

After the breakfast we will start our tour visiting Acropolis, the ancient citadel of Athens perched high above the city on a rocky outcrop. Head through the gates with your guide, and stroll around the top Acropolis attractions, including the Temple of Athena Nike, Propylea, Erechtheion, the spectacular Parthenon and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Having explored these classical masterpieces, on our way to the Panathenaic Stadium we can visit the Acropolis Museum, the ultra-modern museum that houses many of the classical statues, friezes and artifacts recovered from the Acropolis. After the museum we continue to the arena that hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. the Panathenaic Stadium.

After snap photos of the all-marble stadium we walk to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Greek Parliament House in Syntagma Square. Admire the handsome government buildings around the square, and then head along Panepistimiou Street, one of Athens’ main avenues. See St Dionysius Cathedral with its arcaded portico, and pass the elegant buildings of the University of Athens, National Library and Academy of Athens.

After viewing the highlights here, we will conclude our sightseeing tour, and enjoy around an hour of free time to relax or have lunch at a local tavern before our afternoon part of the tour.

At the afternoon we will leave Athens behind and continue our journey south to Cape Sounion. As you travel, admire the beautiful beaches of the Saronic Gulf and hear tales of the Cape and its showpiece: the glimmering white Temple of Poseidon. On arrival to Cape Sounion we will walk up to the temple, built high on cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea. At the end of the temple visit,

we will enjoy the magnificent and one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in the world, the view across the Aegean, extending over the island of Kea and the Peloponnese on a clear day.

Afterward, travel back to Athens.

Free time and overnight in Athens.

Athens, Thessaloniki

After the breakfast we are going to the north of Greece.

Arriving in the second largest city in Greece and northern port city Thessaloniki in the afternoon.

After the Check-in and short rest, the afternoon will be reserved for a walking tour through the historic centre of the City. During the tour you will have the chance to enjoy all the city’s major landmarks such as the Galerius Arch, the Rotonda monument, the Old Town (Ano Poli) and the City Walls, where you will be able to admire the marvelous view of Thessaloniki! We will visit the Agios Demetrius Byzantine church and its crypt, and you can also visit the Archaeological Museum.

The tour will finish on the waterfront with the visit of the famous White Tower, where you will find plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy the evening.

Free time and overnight in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki, Sofia

After the breakfast, we are going to the Capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.

On our arrival we will visit of the city’s star attraction — the UNESCO-listed Boyana Church. Next we will visit the National Historical Museum, where you’ll gain a greater insight into Balkan history and heritage.

Lunch break will be at a restaurant Pancharevo Lake.

After the lunch, we continue our journey to the Sofia city center where we will have a walking tour and discover landmarks such as the National Palace of Culture, the St. George Rotunda, the National Archaeological Museum, and the 16th century Banya Bashi Mosque. Other attractions that you’ll see include St. Nedelya cathedral, the National Theater, the former Royal Palace (now housing the National Revival Art Gallery and the Ethnographic Museum), the Russian Church of St. Nikolay, and the National Assembly Square where the impressive Tsar Osvoboditel (King Liberator) monument was erected in 1907 by the Italian sculptor Arnoldo Zocchi. Your tour ends at Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

Free time and overnight in Sofia.

Sofia, Nis, Belgrade

After the breakfast, we are going to Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia.

On our way to Belgrade we will make a stop in Nis and visit the main city sights and attractions of the Nis surrounding area such as: Čegar Hill – battlefield from the First Serbian Uprising; Skull Tower Museum – a unique monument in the world and one of the most moving monuments of Serbian history with human skulls walled in stone; Mediana archeological site – visit to the remains of the palace built by the Roman emperor Constantine, who was born in Niš; Niš Fortress, symbol of the city on the right bank of the Nišava River… walking tour through the interior … photo stops; walking over the bridge on the Nišava River (you will hear the legend of the name of the city) to the Square of King Milan with the Liberators Monument that was built in 1937 … on this square you can see the authentic facades of old Nis.

We will have a lunch at the local restaurant in the centre.

After the lunch, we continue our trip to Belgrade.

After the lunch we continue our tour visiting the Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan.

Belgrade Fortress is known for its kilometers-long tunnels, underground corridors and catacombs, which are still largely unexplored. In the true sense, fortress is today the green oasis in the Belgrade’s urban area.

We will discover Donji Grad (or “Lower Town”); occupies the slope towards the riversides, from the top spot (ridge where “The Victor” is). Between the lowest section and the Danube is Kula Nebojsa (“Impregnable, Fearless, or Daredevil Tower”), which has been turned into a museum of the Greek revolutionary Rigas Feraio

hrown into the Danube. The Orthodox churches of Ruzica (former Austrian gun depot) and Sveta Petka are also located in this area, as is the Belgrade Planetarium.

Gornji Grad (or “Upper Town”); the upper section of fortress, turned into a park, with beautiful promenades and the statue of “The Victor” (Serbian Pobednik), the so-called “Roman well”, actually built by the Austrians, the Popular Observatory, the türbe (tomb) of Damad Ali Pasha.

Veliki Kalemegdanski Park (or “Large Kalemegdan Park”); it occupies the southern corner of fortress, with geometrical promenades, the Military Museum, the Museum of Forestry and Hunting, and the Monument of Gratitude to France.

Optionally we can visit the Belgrade ZOO near the Fortress.

At the evening we will finish our adventure visiting the Yachting Club, where we will have a magical boat cruise on the Sava and Danube river.

Free time and overnight in Belgrade.

End of tour

After breakfast, your seventeen days Full Balkan tour adventure concludes – unfortunately it is time to say your goodbye to your fellow travelers. We hope you have enjoyed your tour with our agency!


  • Transportation by modern air-conditioned car/van/bus (as mentioned in the tour program).
  • Services of an experienced, English speaking driver and guide or other language as agreed.
  • 16 nights Hotel accommodation (bed & breakfast basis) as confirmed, including any obligatory service charges and taxes as levied by the hotel.
  • Welcome dinner in Belgrade
  • Szeged sightseeing train
  • Budapest boat cruise on the Danube river
  • Horse carriage ride at nature park „Vrelo Bosne“
  • Boat cruise on Pliva Lake


  • Travel insurance.
  • International airfares and airport departure taxes.
  • Passport and visa fees.
  • Excursions, activities and sightseeing trips which are not shown as included.
  • Attraction entrance fees.
  • Charges for extra meals not mentioned above.
  • Charges made by the hotels for the use of certain facilities and extra meals, drinks, laundry and personal items including any tax or service charge levied for them.


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  • All prices are expressed per person who travel in group of 2 up 4 travellers (based on 2 people travelling together and sharing a double or twin room).
  • For group of 5 up 8 travellers we grant 5-10% discount.
  • For a group with more than 8 travellers we grant extra discount.


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