Drina river

Drina River is fast and violent, pure and clear, rich, powerful and generous. However, the beauty of the Drina River is not only in its water, but also in the landscapes that surround it. Deep canyons and gorges, impassable forests, villages scattered on the mountain sides and an old fort that is reflected in the river – it is all Drina, unique and unrepeatable. North of Visegrad, between Zepa and Klotijevca, is the longest canyon of the Drina River, 24 kilometers long. To date, the Drina River built three hydroelectric power plants, of which larger part of its course are turned into a quiet lake surface. Now, unfortunately, there is no more rafts and rafters, but thanks to the creation of artificial lakes for tourists, are available tourist boats, which organize cruises on the Drina River. Basin of Drina River is very rich in living world, both plant and animal, and some places are characterized by the presence of endemic species.

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