Bosna river

The Bosna River is the third longest river in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is considered one of the country’s three major internal rivers, along with the Neretva and Vrbas River. The Bosna River flows for 271 km. The most interesting is the name of this river. Certain Roman sources mention the River Bathinus as a name of the Illyrian Bosona, both of which mean “running water”.

Its source is at the spring Vrelo Bosne, at the foothills of the Mount Igman, on the outskirts of Sarajevo, capital of BiH. The spring is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s chief natural landmarks and tourist attractions. From there, the Bosna flows northwards, through the heart of Bosnia, eventually becoming a right tributary of the Sava River in Bosanski Šamac. The Bosna River also makes up the Bosna River Valley, the country’s industrial center and home to close to a million people, as well as the location of several major cities.

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