How is the Saray Bosnia Transfer different from other modes of transport

         Saray Bosnia Transfer vs. Taxi taken on the spot

  • Minimum 10 minutes faster due to the meeting at the airport

Our service is 30 minutes faster, since, in order to get an official taxi cab from the airport to the city, you need to wait in line. The transfer is booked online in advance, so the driver is already there when you arrive.

  • No problems with language

In some Countries it is already a challenge to ask a local cab driver: «How much does a ride from the airport cost?». And if you start bargaining, you risk overpaying. By booking our service, you rid yourself of such stress.

  • The price is known in advance

Official services operate according to their own rates, and private cab drivers often set the price judging by the tourist’s appearance. With SBT, you learn the price already when booking.

  • On average 5–15% more expensive

It is especially palpable, if the destination is close to the airport, as our service to the hotel has the uniform tariff within city limits. However, due to the unified SBT tariff, a trip may be even cheaper in some cities.

  • More reliable, if you need child seats, space for large luggage or a bigger vehicle (minibus)

Via the online booking is always possible to book a cab with a couple of child seats or an other type of vehicle such us minibus…

  • Professional driver

Our service is provided by professionals, who constantly work with tourists. It is not possible that the driver works part-time and does not know how to get from the airport to the destination or vice versa.

Saray Bosnia Transfer vs. Public transport

  • Minimum 1,5–2,5 time faster

A private transfer to a city is a trip on the shortest route with stops only on demand of the passenger. If need be, it is possible to ask the driver to drive faster.

  • Calm and comfortable

A meeting at the airport as close to the arrivals area as possible, help with luggage, and a car of a suitable capacity are the service standard.